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Jack Hochfeld Photography

Welcome to Jack Hochfeld Photography. I hope you find pleasure in these photographs and that they crystallise for you some of the visual splendour and uniqueness of the African experience, though the photographs are by no means restricted entirely to Africa. Indeed, more and more they encompass images from my new home in Australia.
 The selection is quite literally taken from life and hopefully sheds light on the variety and richness that form a permanent backdrop to everyday events and interaction, and are therefore easily taken for granted.
 Photography is about light and the subject matter of photography is life, so the concepts of light and life come together quite easily. I have expanded on this concept in my book Inspired by life.

For 11.5 years I was an executive with The Bidvest Group Limited in South Africa, reporting to the chief executive. I was responsible for group communications and executive training, and until 2005 for corporate finance and investor relations. I was involved in strategic issues, negotiations and matters of material import to the group. 

Bidvest is a multinational, entrepreneurial and decentralised group with over 105 000 employees worldwide. Bidvest ranks in BusinessWeek's list of the top 40 companies in the world, in the Forbes Global 2000- the world's largest public companies and is the largest industrial company by revenue listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

I am available for corporate, strategic, management or photographic projects.

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Jack Hochfeld Photography


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